We offer the best quality in dry cleaning services for everything from wardrobe essentials to business attire to formal dresses. We can ensure that everyone that handles your wardrobe is highly qualified to make sure that every piece of clothing has been cleaned and pressed to perfection. Whether it’s cleaning a dress from your big day, cleaning bedding, removing a coffee stain or making sure your favorite blouse is crease free, Grapevine Laundry and Linens has got you covered.

With Grapevine, bedding can be cleaned, stains removed and will appear as vibrant as the day it was purchased. We also have the technology and expertise to clean leather and suede. We have the ability to ensure these garments receive the proper care they need to make them last.

Grapevine Laundry and Linens can promise that your entire wardrobe is as clean, bright, soft and stain free as possible.

We have three convenient locations for you to drop off your dry-cleaning

Grapevine Laundry and Linens – State Street
2826 State Street
Erie PA, 16508

Grapevine Laundry and Linens- West
4523 West Ridge Road
Erie, PA 16506

Grapevine Laundry And Linens – Warfel Plant
2345 Warfel Ave
Erie, PA 16503

Pickup and Drop Off service available free of charge.

Alteration Services

To keep you looking your best, we offer professional alterations so your entire wardrobe will fit the way you want it to. We can fix everything from broken zippers to hems that need replaced. We can work on your every day clothing such as jeans, pants, skits, shirts and business attire.

We also offer professional alterations for formal attire so that you will look amazing for your special occasion. We can alter prom and homecoming dresses, as well as bridal party dresses. We can also make sure that uniforms are always fitting perfectly including military, police, ROTC and even Girl and Boy Scouts.